What is Gravel Fondo

Gravelbikes define an entirely new style of riding. The bikes combine the efficiency of a roadbike with the CX-bikes’ option of leaving the beaten track. Go deeper into nature than ever before while listening to the gravel grinding underneath your tires. Around the next corner, grab your drops and attack again on tarmac. For VOTEC, gravelbikes allow to break out of your road routine and create your very own riding adventures: way beyond the traditional categories.

The VOTEC Team combines a number of backgrounds in cycling but we all share the same passion for gravelbikes. We all love riding the hidden tracks of the Black Forest and are convinced that this terrain, the bikes and the format of the Gravel Fondo will provide a new experience to all participants.  It is a wonderful opportunity to break out of everyday life for a healthy dose of exploration with fellow cyclists.

The event will provide a relaxed atmosphere and stunning views in the amazing scenery around the Feldberg. Parallel we will spice things up with several curated STRAVA segments for those hungry for a challenge. To find yourself on the leaderboards, record your ride on the STRAVA- Smartphone-App or uploaded from any GPS device. Get excited about a fun mix of fast roads, tough climbs on remote fireroads und rapid  descents – a two day Black Forest adventure to create memories in golden fall.


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